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            Genna Marano began riding at the age of 6 at Timber Edge Farm with renowned trainer Judy Stephens. As time progressed Genna not only dedicated herself to showing and training but also to management, care, and education of both horse and rider. She pursued her passion at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA majoring in Equine Science Training and received her Bachelors of Science degree in 2004.

               Throughout college, Genna travelled to various regions such as Virginia, New Jersey, and England to enhance her growing knowledge of riding and horsemanship. In College she was an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association member and qualified for IHSA Nationals in Murfreesboro Tennessee in 2004 and again in 2008 for IHSA Nationals in Los Angeles, California as an alumni rider.

              Genna also gained unvalued experience in the show world by traveling with trainers such as Judy Stephens and hunter champion Jennifer Bauersachs to shows up and down the East Coast including Ocala, Saugerties, Culpepper, Vermont, Palm Beach, and other various ‘A’ shows.
          Genna carries nearly 10 years teaching experience with countless hours of riding time and has experienced every aspect of the equine industry varying from stall mucking to riding some of the top hunter horses in the country. Genna has found her niche in managing Park Avenue Stables which accommodates various types of equine enthusiasts ranging from young and adult beginners to the most serious of competitors. Her experience and tested knowledge is appreciated by both clients and their horses.

                 Amanda’s love for horses started at a young age and developed into a passion. She began riding at the age of 8 at Timber Edge Farm and started becoming competitive two years later with her first hunter pony “Silver Lining”. Amanda was fortunate enough to compete in Ocala, Culpepper, and New York as well as other ‘AA’ shows during her early years as a rider, often times coming home with the tri-colors. But even then her heart was truly in the Jumper ring and starting at the age of 12 she turned her full attention to it. Amanda's experience in the jumper ring is extensive with many awards and ribbons to prove it as well as showing in both The Penn National Horse Show in Harrisburg PA and The Washington International Horse Show in downtown Washington D.C.

        During high school Amanda travelled twice to Germany and the Netherlands with her trainer, Judy Stephens, and parents Victor and Bee Marano in search for untrained prospect horses to import back over to the states, both times having much success. She attended The University of Findlay in Ohio where she joined the IHSA varsity team her first year. She majored in both Equine business management and Equestrian Riding and Training. In her second year of college Park Avenue Stables was established during the Fall of 2008 bringing both Amanda’s and her Father’s dream to life.

             In the Spring of 2009 Amanda travelled to Ireland to ride at the Clonshire Equestrian Centre to gain experience with the cross country discipline as well as to expand her overall knowledge of horses from a different perspective. Amanda’s experience and knowledge of the show horse is a valued contribution to Park Avenue Stables. Her contacts within the area as well as around the world are a benefit to both horse and rider who wish to be competitive in a growing and demanding sport. Not only does she want to help her students and horses progress but to instill knowledge that will help them for years to come.
Genna Marano
Amanda Marano
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